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We're committed to providing our members with the services and support they need to succeed. We're equally committed to building mutually beneficial relationships with a growing list of Authorized Benefit Providers and Reseller Affiliates. We invite you to explore the advantages of becoming an SBBA partner. Then, contact us to join the SBBA team.

Authorized Benefit Providers

We're always looking for new Authorized Benefit Providers (ABPs) that can provide SBBA members with new benefits, products, or services. To become an Authorized Benefit Provider, your organization should meet the following requirements:

  • A national reach that allows you to serve small businesses located throughout the United States
  • Proven, leading products or services that can deliver real value to small businesses
  • The ability to provide special deals, discounts, or additional value to SBBA members

For more information about becoming an SBBA Authorized Benefit Provider, contact our Benefits department at 1-888-886-SBBA or email us at Be sure to include detailed information about your products, services, and company. Your proposals, presentations and Web site links are always welcomed.

Authorized Reseller Affiliate

Participation in the SBBA Reseller Affiliate program authorizes you to offer SBBA membership to your small business customers and leads. This gives you the opportunity to add tremendous value to your existing offerings and make an ongoing residual income.

SBBA Reseller Affiliates should meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Your target market and customers are small or home-based businesses
  • You offer complimentary products or services
  • You have proven sales channel(s) and sales expertise
  • You have an established customer base
  • You have a strong desire to succeed

For more information about becoming an SBBA Reseller Affiliate, contact us at our Reseller department at 1-888-886-SBBA.