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SBBA's mission

We provide discounted and customized benefits, services, training, and resources to our small and home business members—so they can thrive and succeed.

SBBA's governing values

We strive to be open, direct, and honest in all of our communications and dealings with others. We strive to be open and direct with every member, benefit provider, reseller and employee. We also strive to offer world-class benefits and services to members. We strive to deliver more than we promise.

Our members are our valued friends. We are eager to serve them and we strive to build strong relationships with them. We strive to effectively and efficiently deliver to our members what they seek.

Every employee, corporate partner, and member of SBBA is important and makes an important contribution to our mission. We practice teamwork and continually strive for a harmonious blending of each person and partner's talents, strengths, experience and abilities. We value the differences of each person, and recognize that we are stronger as an organization because of these differences.

We value the resources and opportunities provided to us by our members, partners, and officers. We are committed to support the mission, goals and objectives of SBBA, and to be responsible and loyal to those with whom we work.

Importance of Others
We understand that we individually do not have all the answers. Although we are committed to using our own resources and abilities to complete the responsibilities and challenges we face, we recognize the importance of using the strengths of others to achieve our objectives. We know we will stand taller by standing together in fulfilling our offerings.

We accept responsibility for our actions, and we expect our members and partners to do the same. We recognize our responsibility and the necessity of using our time, resources, and other assets wisely to fulfill our goals and objectives. We strive to create an environment where creativity, productivity, innovation, improvement, and efficiency flourish.