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Dear Small Business Owner,

Thank you for your interest in SBBA. I'd like to personally invite you to become an SBBA member.

I've dedicated most of my career to promoting the success and well being of small businesses. I've owned and worked for a number of small businesses and startup companies myself, and my staff and I have spent many years training and interacting with small business people like you. These experiences have given us unique insights into the difficult challenges you face every day. I created SBBA to help you address those challenges, and I'm confident you will find exceptional value in the benefits and services we offer. We work very hard to provide the kinds of resources that meet your needs and deliver the highest possible value, and as we continue to grow those services will to improve and expand.

I sincerely believe that small businesses are the heart of America. You know the statistics. Too many small businesses fail, but those that succeed are real winners. Successful small businesses help families thrive. They contribute to their communities, drive the growth of local economies, and create wealth and freedom for their owners. Small businesses are built on the hopes and dreams of smart, ambitious, and creative people, and I started SBBA to help make those dreams come true.

I understand that many small businesses have limited financial resources. But I'm confident that the rewards and benefits of SBBA membership will far outweigh the low costs. My staff and I are determined to provide you with the kinds of customized, personalized benefits and services that can make a major positive impact on your business.

We're certainly not perfect, but you have my promise and personal commitment that we will do our very best for you. We will do everything in our power to earn your trust and loyalty. Please feel free to contact me with your feedback and suggestions.


Paul Johnston
President & Founder

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