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I had just started a business securing business loans for companies. I was eager to set up the new enterprise as its own legal entity. SBBA sent me documents comparing the different types of formats available (Corporation, LLC, Partnerships, Sole Proprietorship, etc.) and gave me advice on how to comply with the State laws in Washington in formalizing the choice.

T. T. of Edmonds, WA

I developed a line of cleaning products that were environmentally friendly and were designed to work in home using a water softener. I needed help in designing a distinctive logo for my product line and registering that logo and the brand name as a federal trademark. The SBBA business coaching department walked me through the various Federal Government web sites targeted to Trademark searches and registration and assisted me in filing out the appropriate paperwork.

R. P. of San Antonio, TX

I needed funding for a home inspection service business I wanted to start. SBBA recommended creating a detailed business plan as a first step. I was sent a breakdown of what the different elements are in a business plan with an accompanying document that provided a step-by-step, do-it-yourself worksheet for compiling the data needed and putting into the correct format. SBBA then helped review a number of drafts I completed and offered edits to make the plan a polished, professional looking document.

J. F. of Jacksonville, FL

I run an auto body shop. Business is sliding off due to increased competition from several national chains that have recently entered into my market. SBBA Marketing coach gave me several "guerrilla" marketing tactics to increase my visibility and presence without costing much money and in areas that my competition weren't utilizing. They offered great suggestions and ideas that I plan to implement.

J. W. of Terre Haute, IN

I was considering starting a new business and wondered where to get a business license and how to reserve the name of my company in the State of Tennessee. SBBA responded to my inquiry and directed me to the township I was located in to obtain a valid business license and also gave me Internet address for the State of Tennessee Web site where I could check to see if my business name was currently being used so I could reserve it.

M. H. of Athens, TN

I operate a restaurant supply business. I wanted to add several employees and needed to obtain a Federal Tax ID number so I could properly withhold and pay taxes on their wages. SBBA lead me to the Internet site of to "drill down" to the site I needed. Together they helped me find the form on the IRS web site and I was able to fill it out and fax it in. The IRS actually gave me the number I needed over the phone so I could start expanding my business and hiring the help I needed, without delay.

A. B. of Fort Pierce, FL

I run an Internet access business. I wanted to bring several individuals into the business as investors and partners. I was set up as a Corporation so our SBBA Business Coach walked me through getting a current, updated, audited financial statement and then disbursed stock to the new associates based on their level of financial and time commitment to the business.

H. C. of Fallbrook, CA

I had just received a substantial increase in premium for my family's individual health insurance policy. This was not due to any health problems or other outside factors. I appreciated the fact that the SBBA had done the research for me and found a very competitive health insurance company that could give me a bid with the plan of reducing this monthly expense.

D. F. of Detroit, MI

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